Portia and Michael


2016-09-07_0267.jpg This fun couple had a wedding full of brilliant ideas. Lucite front electrified boxes were placed on the steps to mark the GIFT area, and at the entrance of the reception with the couples name and a hashtag. Pears from the orchard were used as unusual photo props.

The bride crafted a backdrop of soft white cloth blossoms on cords  in varying lengths, that she tied between two orchard trees. She weighted her creation with metal rings at the bottom of each strand.



Her classic form fitting dress, sans adornment,  was absolutely perfect to show off her beautiful self. Her unstructured wild bouquet of white hydrangeas, white and lavender garden roses with hundreds of petals, and willow, was a wonderful contrast to her dress.  The tall groom in a dark suit, with horned rimmed glasses and Italian shoes was equally handsome. Well maintained orchards always add charm to a reception.



The chandelier in the gazebo which was adorned with wild willow and roses from The Villa gardens, overlooked the amazing taco bar where guests could serve themselves  throughout the night. Fresh condiments from limes to tomatoes on the vine, as well as meats, and dressings were artfully arranged on painted wooden crates for height and on the tables. Grapes were displayed in small bunches on a trellis for easy choosing.

Her candy bar take away (jordan almonds, kisses, M&M’s, short candy stix, puffy marshmallow twists, sixlets, & gumballs) mirrored her colors of lavender and silver and was presented in glass apothecaries supplied by The Villa.

The 3 tiered white  buttercream cake was placed under a bower of trees to keep it cool, and under a tiered vintage chandelier to mirror the cake and the glass accents of the wedding.

The bride chose glass with floating candlelight, and lavender from The Villa Gardens (we do allow the brides to pick lavender, roses, or whatever is in bloom as a courtesy) for her table decorations.

The Villa balcony is always a charming place to throw the bouquet from.

2016-09-07_0283.jpgA vintage car is wonderful for a romantic getaway.

Photography by Kristina Curtis Photography


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